Trauma Team of the Czech Republic

The Trauma Team is a mobile succouring traumatological unit established by the Czech Ministry of Health on January 1, 1987. The Trauma Hospital of Brno was charged with managing of the team and with ensuring of the staff and of the material equipment. The team should provide necessary, in particular surgical help in areas of mass accidents or disasters both in the Czech Republic, and abroad during 1-2 weeks. It is expected that the team will provide medical help to injured persons transported to the site of operation, including resuscitation, pre-operative and short post-operative care.

Past missions: Nicaragua (1987), Armenia (1988), Romania (1989), Iran (1990)

The Trauma Team is included into following international directories of rescue teams:

  • Register of Military and Civil Defence Assets (MCDA), UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Geneva (from 1997)
  • Civil Protection Intervention Teams for Crisis Management, Council of the EU (from 2004)
  • UN Stand-by Arrangements System, New York (from 2005)

Mission Pakistan 2005

Pák-trosky_M_120.jpgOn 8 October, 2005, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale has affected large areas in northern Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has requested for international help incl. rescue and medical teams. The Trauma Team was activated by the Czech Ministry of Health on 11 Oct. at 9:30 a.m., with the request to send 9 physicians and nurses to Pakistan for 10-14 days. The team including 5 surgeons, 1 anaesthesiologist and 3 OP nurses was ready for departure in 7 hours, all staff and equipment was in Prague airport in 24 hours after activation.

Members of the Trauma Team participating in the mission:

Surgeons: prof. MUDr. Miloš Janeček, CSc., MUDr. Petr Nestrojil, CSc., MUDr. Luděk Macků, MUDr. Radek Veselý, MUDr. Martin Kelbl

Anaesthesiologist: MUDr. Hana Bosáková

Nurses: Ilona Kolářová, Marie Patáková, Kateřina Koloušková.

The Trauma Team was completed by 9 firemen (logistical support) and 5 military health personnel.

07_M_120.jpgThe plane with the team started from Prague on 12 Oct. 2005 at 1 p.m. After arrival to Islamabad on 13 Oct in the morning, the Czech embassy, UN OSOCC and regional authorities were contacted, As the best place for deployment, the city of Rawalakot was chosen, ca. 150 km far from the capital. The team came to Rawalakot on 13 Oct. in the night. In the morning, our field hospital was deployed at the building of Military Hospital, destructed by the earthquake. First patients were treated the same afternoon. Surgical interventions and out-patient treatment were performed in tents equipped for this purpose.

On 18 Oct., 3 surgeons (prof. Janeček, Dr. Macků, Dr. Veselý) and 4 rescuers – firemen were changed and necessary material and equipment was completed. Surgeons Dr. Ivan Melichar and Dr.Tomáš Pink came as new team members.

image396_M_120.jpgThe mission was prolonged to 31 October, 2005. This day, the team finished his work and presented all equipment to Pakistani hospital in Rawalakot as humanitarian help of the Czech Republic. Members of the team returned to Prague on 2 November, 2005. The whole stay incl. transport was 22 days.


Pák-obnovený tým_M_120.jpgThe Trauma Team worked in Rawalakot 18 days, 10 and more hours daily. Almost 900 patients were treated, 33 surgical interventions were performed. All patients healed successfully. The help was taken by Pakistani people very well and appreciated especially by injured from the city of Rawalakot and surroundings. Our hospital was visited by some prominent representatives of Pakistani army, of the city Pák-návštěva_M_120.jpgof Rawalakot, the President of Kashmir and others. Not only the medical help, but also the human approach of all doctors, nurses and other staff was highly appreciated.




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