Information Centre for Disaster Medicine

was established by the Czech Ministry of Health at the Trauma Hospital Brno in April 1993. Its task is to collect information, articles and specialized publications regarding disaster medicine, and to establish national and international contacts with specialists and organisations interested in this branch. Up to now, the database includes about 1500 specialized articles, 100 publications and many contact addresses. Information resources are the database MEDLINE, specialized journals and books, conferences and workshops, and searches on internet web pages, too. The Information Centre works out literature searches and translations for specialists interested in emergency planning in the health care system, prehospital and hospital care.

The contact with the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine was established by membership in WADEM board of Dr. Petr Zelnicek, former Director of Trauma Hospital Brno. His participation in regular congresses of WADEM and its journal Prehospital and Disaster Medicine were the rich information source. In 2003 Dr. Zelnicek participated actively in the 13th World Congress of WADEM (Melbourne, 6.-10.05.2003). Unfortunately, Dr.Zelnicek had died in December 2005, his work however is uninterrupted and continued by his colleagues.

The very good contacts were established with the German Society for Disaster Medicine that gets us friendly specialized materials and invites us to its annual conferences. Ing. Neklapilova took part in its Annual Conferences (Tübingen 1998, Berlin 1999, Berchtesgaden 2000, Berlin 2003, Berlin 2005, Würzburg 2007, Berlin 2009). 

Ing. Neklapilová participated in the congress Global Risk Forum – Emergency Surgery Davos 2011.

Ing. Neklapilová took part in the ten-days workshop Disaster Medicine (18.-29.3.2001) arranged by the German Academy for Emergency Planning and Civil Defense in Ahrweiler. In June 2002, Ing. Neklapilová took part in the UN CMCoord Training Course aimed at co-ordination of civilian and military humanitarian activities during disasters.


Ing. Vlasta Neklapilová
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