About the hospital

Information about the Trauma Hospital of Brno

Traumatological Hospital Brno is the health institution with the over-regional field of activity subordinated to the city of Brno. The basic task of the hospital is the specialised health care and research activity in the specialisation of traumatology and special surgery.

Since 2009,  Ing. Karel Doležal is the director.

Main activities:

  • health care provided to polytraumatized and severely injured patients incl. intensive and anestheologic care
  • bone surgery aimed at up-to-date methods of osteosyntheses
  • spinal surgery
  • surgery of big joints incl. alloplasty
  • arthroscopic diagnostic and operational methods
  • surgery of the abdominal cavity incl. diagnostic and operational laparoscopic methods
  • thoracosurgery incl. thoracoscopic methods
  • urology, incl. endoscopic methods and lithotripsy
  • stomatosurgery
  • acute dialysis in polytraumatized and severe surgical states
  • diagnostic service of X-ray and ultrasonic technique, incl. CT and specialised X-ray methods
  • flexible endoscopy of digestive tract and problems of acute bleeding into digestive tract
  • in collaboration with the Clinic of Plastic Surgery development and application of techniques of plastic surgery and microsurgery in traumatic and post-traumatic states
  • rehabilitation activities aimed at post-traumatic states

The erudition of staff and equipment with medical technique are adequate for providing of above mentioned activities.


  •    40 polytraumas
  •     60-80 spinal injuries with neurological lesion
  •      3800 acute traumas with hospitalisation
  •      6000 operations
  •    180 000 out-patient treatments



Restriction of visits of hospitalised patients from Feb. 4, 2020

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