From the history

of the Trauma Hospital of Brno


In 1928 the Worker Trauma Insurance Company for Moravia and Silesia decided to build in Brno a modern traumatological hospital and support it financially. The direct impulse was the response to a lecture of the founder of the modern traumatology, Prof. Lorenz Böhler, in Brno.
The five-storied building was designed by Prof.Ing.arch. Vladimír Fischer and the construction started in spring 1931. Patient rooms were placed in the 3rd and 4th floor, in each floor with 60 beds. The operation tract in the 5th floor included 2 operation rooms.

profNovák_M_120.jpgAs head of the new hospital was appointed Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Novák. In May 1933 the first injured patients were admitted. After first years of operation, the Trauma Insurance Company stated the substantial decrease of posttraumatic consequences in comparison with treatment results in other hospitals.
During the bomb attack in November 1944 the hospital was damaged, injured patients were however admitted. The operation was stopped afterwards for 3 months. In April 1945 the hospital was severely damaged again, the operation was however continual in the critical time, despite of interruption of delivery of electricity, gas, water and steam for several days. Lives of many seriously injured patients were saved by the staff in these days.
In 1947 Prof. Novák recommended to build in the place of the neighbouring house the new rehabilitation clinic. The new building was designed by Ing.arch. Miloslav Kopřiva and opened in November 1950.

In 1954 the Research Institute for Traumatology was established on the basis of the Traumatological Hospital and its rehabilitation clinic. Prof.Novák was appointed as director. In years 1954 - 1966, in the Institute 51 164 patients were hospitalised and 150 000 out-patients were treated. Two thirds of them were patients with a trauma and with posttraumatic consequences. Principles for rehabilitation care verified in clinical praxis of the Institute were admitted generally in our country and abroad, too.

docKroupa_M_120_M_120.jpgIn years 1966-1983, the Research Institute for Traumatology was directed by  doc. MUDr. Josef Kroupa, CSc. The international scientific co-operation was developed, the international traumatologic conference was organised every 2 years. Very good contacts were established with traumatological clinics in Hungary and in Austria.


profMichek_M_120.jpgIn years 1983-1990, the director of the Institute was Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Michek, DrSc. The Institute was divided in two bases - basis for traumatology and basis for special surgery. The Institute became the methodological centre for up-to-date diagnostic and treatment of polytraumatized patients and patients of some parts of specialised surgery.



drZelníček_M_120.jpgFrom 1991 to 2005 the director was MUDr. Petr Zelníček, CSc. The Institute had returned to its traditional name Traumatological Hospital. After reconstruction the neighbouring six-storied building was included to the Hospital. In this building the new up-to-date Spinal Unit was opened in 1992. Its programme is the specialised care for traumatised patients with spinal lesion. In years 1992-1996 the building from 1932 was repaired and up-to-date equipped, too.

profJaneček_M_120.jpgThe recent director is Prof. MUDr. Miloš Janeček, CSc. Nowadays the Traumatological Hospital Brno has 191 beds, all traumatological and surgical bed departments offer to the patients also high-standard equipped rooms.



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